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Our website is devoted to extraordinary breed called Chihuahua - a little dog but great at heart.

My adventure with dogs started long time ago - surprisingly not with little and naughty Chis but with dignified and classical beauty - Dobermann. In my memory will stay especially one lovely and extremely intelligent female Doby. It was thank to her that I have learnt the art of dog's shows and the charm of rising it's offspring. The smallest dog In the world I met, for the first time, In 2003 when my sister brought Little Belldandy El gusto - female Chi. I would have never assume that In Just few years Belldandy El gusto's daughter will be part of my family. It was possible because of my daughters who manager to persuade me to Take this Little white Ball - Pyza- for few days as a visitor.

Pyza Or HITORI MUSUME Truskawkowe Dzwoneczki has a strong character and it loves to be the most important in the family. My two little daughters , however, hit off with Pyza. From the day of her arrival Pyza loves them both. After hours of pondering we decided to adopt Pyza, to be one of us. She felt so well with us and her mother - little Bell didn't seem to mind it. Pyza is an extraordinary dog it is why we decided to reach for a champion with her and to let her have first puppies. My family members are: 4 little and crazy Chi - Coco,her sister Chloe, Donna and their mother Pyza, a senior cat Emil and my 2 daughters - 9 year old Karolina and 4 year old Zosia as well as very 4 understanding husband Krzysztof. Chihuahua gripped mine and my family's heart. Step by step we are fathoming the mystery of this breed, how to breed them and how to win the shows.

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